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0001324ardourbugspublic2010-05-01 20:09
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Summary0001324: Clicking on inactive window while importing audio freezes app.
DescriptionWhen importing audio I clicked on the Editor page by mistake. This
made the import audio page disappear but it also rendered unusable
the rest of the app. i.e. I could click on the Editor or Mixer page
and it would switch to that one, but I couldn't edit any of the

If I moved the mouse over a part I could normally resize, the
cursor would change, but it wouldn't let me actually resize anything.
Same with fields where the cursor would change to write a name in. In
the end I had to just quit.

I restarted and tried the same thing and the exact same thing happened.
Additional InformationOSX 10.4.8 (Intel) running 2 beta 8.
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2010-05-01 20:09

administrator   ~0007706

Is this still an issue?

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