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0001289ardourbugspublic2007-02-27 22:10
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Summary0001289: newly created regions have editable start and end handles
DescriptionIf you punch in and record several regions sequentially, in the same recording pass, the regions will be resizable as if there is extra data.

This would actually be a nice feature. A little bit of extra audio data before the start and after the end of each region would allow the user to optimize the crossfade point later.

BUT, there is a little audio glitch at the point where the region starts and stops (it looks like a few samples are missing) so you can't actually stretch the edges without hearing the glitch.

Additional InformationHow to recreate:
  build from SVN 1067
  Create a new session
  Create 1 "Normal" track
  Arm track for recording.
  Press Play.
  Click master record button in and out a few times.
  You should now have several regions.
You will be able to edit the start and end points of the regions, with the exception of the start time of the first region, and the end time of the last region.
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2007-02-27 22:10

developer   ~0003430

Still a problem in SVN rev 1529

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