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0001273ardourfeaturespublic2010-12-11 20:54
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Target Version3.X 
Summary0001273: Add a timecode clock to the F11-fullscreen mode.
DescriptionAdd a timecode clock to the F11-fullscreen mode. Would probably fit on the top line centrally between 'Help' and xxKHz. Should follow the selection of the main TC clock in the editor window.
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related to 0001646 acknowledged Fullscreen mode hides transport buttons 



2006-11-02 04:50

administrator   ~0002558

whats wrong with the big clock window instead? then you can move it around, too.


2006-11-03 00:45

reporter   ~0002601

The big clock window is better than having no TC display, but it will still cover something. The point of F11 (for me) is increased screen real estate and therefore the ability to see more that is going on. Another TC display as part of the window wouldn't obscure anything.


2009-07-05 05:09

manager   ~0006327

While I can certainly agree having a single clock on the fullscreen mode might be desireable, the placement you suggested no longer exists, can you suggest a new placement when you get a moment?


2009-07-05 18:40

developer   ~0006346

The placement I suggested still exists. I think my suggestion still stands, nothing has changed.


2009-07-05 19:12

manager   ~0006347

Cany ou take a screenshot of that placement, I don't have a 'help' in fulscreen mode here apparently, so I am not sure where you are talking about. Nor do I have any samplerate reading on the top line here.

For the record, the related issue at least has a workaround that helps with me that is worth taking a look at. (And honestly taking a look at for a more permanant solution). Right now what does work is to undock the transport toolbar before going into fullscreen, and redock it afterwards. That gives me both transport controls and the clock, both of which are somewhat useful to me i the fullscreen mode.



2009-07-05 20:41

manager   ~0006350

Talked with Oofus on IRC, where he was suggesting isn't as much of an option on OS X sadly as the menubar is hidden most of the time. As a result we discussed the possibility of having a half-sized transport toolbar that would have basic transport controls and a clock on it. If I get time I will see about making a mockup of it, we agreed the fullsize transport bar is a little to large for what we want in that mode really.


2010-11-14 13:50

administrator   ~0009403

SVN now puts a clock in the menu bar in fullscreen mode.


2010-11-14 20:51

developer   ~0009418

Last edited: 2010-11-15 01:50

So it does. But, it doesn't look too hot really, and it moves around as the dsp, etc, readouts change from single to double digits. Maybe it could be placed centrally ?


2010-12-08 03:25

administrator   ~0009576

Are there still problems with this?


2010-12-08 09:26

developer   ~0009577

Other than looking a bit odd, it is functioning correctly.


2010-12-10 17:39

administrator   ~0009592

Removed as per discussion on IRC until someone comes up with an appropriate style for this clock.

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