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0001265ardourfeaturespublic2010-08-16 21:31
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Summary0001265: Stationary playhead
DescriptionWould like a feature that places the playhead centrally then locks it there. In 'PLAY' the tracks would move past the playhead rather than the playhead moving over the tracks.
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2006-11-02 04:53

administrator   ~0002559

do you know how many CPU cycles this display mode wastes?


2006-11-03 00:41

reporter   ~0002599

Well......maybe when we're all using 8 core CPUs.


2006-11-03 19:46

developer   ~0002644

Now that I've got a dual-core laptop, I'm bumping this.

If you've ever seen RADAR in action you'll know how nice this is. Of course they use BeOS for graphics so they have plenty of CPU cycles to waste :)


2006-11-03 20:07

administrator   ~0002645

Other systems do this, so it can't be that insanely expensive. Especially if the UI thread is on a different processor than the audio thread.

It should be easy to test, at least. Instead of moving the playhead, change the view offsets of the canvas.


2006-11-03 20:18

reporter   ~0002646

...and if it's an option, it either slows you down or it doesn't !!


2006-11-03 20:28

administrator   ~0002647

I'd think this would go in 2.1 at the earliest.


2009-07-05 05:10

manager   ~0006328

This has been implemented, and broken since then. Unfortuanatly doing this is very hard on the graphic system used and doing a full implementation would probably have to wait until a new canvas system is in use, which won't happen for a VERY long time. As such I am just leaving this as a general feature request not tied to a specific version.


2009-07-05 12:28

developer   ~0006340

This feature is particularly important for "post production" workflows.

Prior to nick_m's canvas changes around svn 3707, this feature worked reliably. We use this mode in our (Harrison Consoles') Xdubber product.

Since svn 3707, the performance of this feature has been intermittent. Most days it is usable. However I have had intermittent instances where it is unusably jerky. I have not yet determined what causes the slow performance. I suspect there is a bug which, once found and fixed, will make this mode completely usable.

In 2.8-ongoing, I have moved this feature into the "Transport" menu. You no longer have to recompile ardour to test it. Hopefully with additional testers we will be able to pinpoint the factors that affect performance of this mode.

It may be that only certain systems (with adequate hardware acceleration and cpu cycles available) will be able to use this feature. It is also heavily zoom-dependent. It works best at a scale that is near the waveform cache scale.

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