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0001260ardourbugspublic2009-02-23 10:18
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Summary0001260: GUI glitch when window is maximized and the editor mixer is open.
DescriptionI have a 1024x768 resolution and I'm running ubuntu dapper 32bit x86.

When I maximize the main window or the mixer window and have the "master" channel strip visible the GUI will jump every time I click on any part of ardour.

       On the first click it will jump up causing the top window bar to go off screen, on the second click it will jump back down. This will go on as long as the main or mixer window is maximized and the master channel strip is visible.
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2009-02-23 09:57

reporter   ~0005755

I have the same issue on my netbook, that have 1024x600 resolution. Ardour is really unusable in those resolutions. Of course on my workstation the resolution is 1600x1200 and it won't be a problem, but for some little work I might use netbook too. Is it possible to change window size constraints to fit those resolutions, for example by checking the screen resolution of a computer?

I think missing few buttons on the right isn't really a problem, but jumping window is.


2009-02-23 10:18

reporter   ~0005756

I just realized that horizontal window width depends on the translation strings, that in russian are much longer. If I run ardour with LANG=en_EN, ardour fits my screen horizontally, and if I set Editor Mixer Strip off it becomes usable. Problem remains with Mixer strips. Can fader/indicator be scaled according to the screen resolution / window size?
Mixer window also doesn't fit the screen, and the only problem seem to be the length of the faders.

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