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Summary0001256: send level controls
DescriptionOne of my only regrets leaving the world of logic audio behind is the speed at which i used to be able to assign and modify sends on tracks and busses. When setting up a headphone mix it can become a bit tedious openning the send edit window (double clicking doesnt seem to work?) to adjust a fader on every track.
Additional InformationIn logic a new send would be inserted into the mixer with a tiny rotary control next to it for the send level. I'm not suggesting to remove the fader from the edit window, just to make a master level control next to each send. It may sound too cluttered but it doesnt necessarily have to be, i have taken a small screenshot of logic's implementation (not sure about others) to highlight what i mean.

note: if the attachment doesn't work, the screenshot is also at:
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2006-08-25 04:03


logic_send.png (5,610 bytes)   
logic_send.png (5,610 bytes)   


2006-09-01 01:25

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by the way, i'm not asking to try and make ardour more like logic. i want ardour to be it's own thing, i just think there needs to be a faster way of adjusting send levels, and logic's is the only alternative i am familiar with.

i've seen another person asking for a wet/dry mix for all plugins, perhaps this could double up there? ie all inserts/plugins/sends can have the little control next to them- send controls are 'send level', plugins and inserts are 'wet/dry' mix. i'd say the plugins and insert mix controls should be hidden by default though, or new users could get confused, since it is not something seen on a 'real' console usually.

keep up the good work!

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