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0001252ardourfeaturespublic2006-07-27 14:25
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Summary0001252: editing+mixing issues
DescriptionCould it be possible to make plugin handeling better, for some reason i didn't get the middle button feature working, so adding new plugin is difficuld. please make default action on double click on plugin to edit it and to bypass plugin, just alt click it - like in protools. when adding plugins they should be on simple menu with groups like eq/dynamics/delay/reverb, so it's easier to find particular plugin and apply it on track like this: "plugin name (x in/x out)",
and the plugins that cannot apply on channel should be shown on menu, but in gray/disabled

then editing plugins the keyboard should not get focus on the plugin. at the moment i can't play/pause with space, it just reacts with plugin editor and it sucks. if there are values what can be edited, make it that when user double clicks on value, it pop ups editing box.

is there a reason why editor window and mixer window has seperated track ordering system, annoues much that i have to order tracks on the two spaces seperately!

well.. on editor window i found out that to get mouse to react to do task: resizing of region, not just move, is difficould. could it be possible to make it easier, eg increase the range to that tool from 1px to 10px.

and one more thing, on editor window please make the text on bottom of region to show all the way from the start to end with some spacing, now it only shows on the start of region.

please make some kind of shortcut editor on menu entries! i am so used to swap mixer and editor windows with middle mouse button and i would had do it allready, but i'm not talented with coding :)
Additional InformationArdour is seriously becoming one more entry in the list with cubase, protools, logic and digital performer! great job lads!
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