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0001243ardourfeaturespublic2006-11-02 05:54
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Summary0001243: ardour2 svn: mixer can be docked to the right in the main window
Description  This is a feature request.

  It would be nice during playback to push a rectangular button docked to the right that says "mixer" and drag all of the mixer strips into view. Then the mixer strips and the playback/capture progress can be viewed efficiently and simultaneously. This would greatly improve the usability for mixdowns.
  Yes, a person could already resize the multitrack and mixer windows as they see fit, but it wouldn't be as efficient as being able to grab a handle and drag the mixer strips in and out of view.
  This is an issue for me because when I'm mixing stuff down I want to be able to monitor the progress of the playhead, just in case I need to mark a spot, and to see whether or not any of the tracks have clipped. Even if I purchased a wider screen, I may still want to adjust the track to mixer strip view ratio quickly instead of one-at-a time.
   Other than that, I think the new interface is considerably cleaner.

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2006-11-02 05:54

administrator   ~0002571

interesting idea. i will think about it.

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