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0001233ardourbugspublic2009-07-05 03:36
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Summary0001233: 0.99.3 Mac Crash after 3+ hours of recording
DescriptionAfter more than 3 hours of recording, Ardour crashed, right before my best performance of the night :(
I managed to recover most of the sound, thankfully, but missed out an a nice sing song. OOhhh wellywell. I hope the sacrifice of my killer set helps improve ardour.

The good news: I still got the other killer sets.

by the way, we threw the party in the forest, on the edge of town, with an all night soundsystem. word.

Log Attached, with several crash reports inside.

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has duplicate 0001232 closedtaybin 0.99.3 Mac Crash after 3+ hours of recording 


2006-05-05 19:21


ardour.crash.latest.log (63,260 bytes)


2006-05-06 15:07

reporter   ~0002499

Oh, I forgot to mention: as far as I know, it crashed unattended, I did not click or press any keys, it just died.


2007-02-23 17:40

administrator   ~0003376

i know this a long time ago, but do you know what sample rate you would have been recording at?


2007-06-02 20:24

reporter   ~0004052

if it helps, it would have been 44.1


2009-07-05 03:28

manager   ~0006299

Not that I think it is, but is this still an issue for you in new versions of Ardour (2.8 or newer)? I will be resolving the issue out in a couple of weeks if I don't hear that it is still an issue.


2009-07-05 03:36

manager   ~0006301

Oh I just realised this was 0.99.3 on mac which is an entire another issue alltogether since I am not sure that ever got fully/officially released. I am going to reolve this out for right now, but if this was still an issue in new versions post up nad it will reopen the issue.

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