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0001231ardourfeaturespublic2006-11-02 17:41
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Summary0001231: Modify sound file import dialog so that there is only one action
DescriptionThis is more of a usability improvement that a feature I guess. In the import sound file dialog there are three buttons which are import, embed and cancel(or something similar). I think it might be clearer if the embed button was a checkbox instead of a button as both actions result in reference to a soundfile being "imported" into the session. The whole import/embed thing is kind of confusing and I think could be replaced with either:

Embedding files by default and having a label "copy to session folder" with a checkbox next to it.

Copying files to the session folder by default and a label with "link to external file"(or something better) and checkbox.

I personally like the first of the two suggestions but it doesn't really matter.

It would also help it the state of the checkbox was remembered between invocations of ardour, or at least for the duration of the "session".

By reducing it to this one action you can now have standard ok/cancel or import/cancel buttons and double clicking on a file can be changed to import a file without any confusion to what action was taken.


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2006-05-03 15:52

developer   ~0002498

I can do this if I get a couple of acks


2006-05-09 11:57

developer   ~0002501

one ack from nick here..


2006-05-09 17:24

updater   ~0002502

yeah... ack too


2006-11-02 17:41

administrator   ~0002578

Here is another ack, but it might have to wait until 2.0 is released.

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