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0001224ardourfeaturespublic2006-11-13 23:40
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Summary0001224: More tempo management
DescriptionSome features to manage tempi seem essential, since not all midi seqs can send MTC, but most of them can receive it from ardour. Moreover, havings bars in place even if the tempo of a song changes is something important in my opinion :
3 ideas :
1- set tempo using your eyes : by moving the bars to the right place using what you "see" on the envelope of the sound.
2- set tempo according to what you hear : "tempo tap-in" using midi input or conventionnal keyboard.
3- a graphical editor with a tempo/time graph editable by mouse. much like the master track you have in muse to edit the tempi of your song.
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2006-11-02 04:56

administrator   ~0002560

Note: MTC has nothing to do with tempo, and ardour doesn't generate MIDI Clock, which is related to tempo. Thus, even if these ideas are good, implementing them would not solve the issues you want to address.


2006-11-09 18:30

updater   ~0002726

I gave a thought about those notes, my ideas would not solve my problems if used with external apps. But since the time I wrote this stuff the ardour midi branch was created, thus it would make these functionalities extremely helpful to those people having recordings with nonstraight forward tempo willing to add some midi stuff over there pieces.

Moreover, at the present time, when recording without the click, the "bar:beat" bar and clock are quite useless since they won't stick to the tempo. I am guessing that adding the "bar:beat" in ardour was not only intended for disco music ;-)


2006-11-13 23:38

updater   ~0002774

Since this was my idea in the first place, and since I've been anoying everyone with this for month, I'll start working on a patch to add those missing features. This could take some time though... you've been warned :-)

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