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0001218ardourbugspublic2007-09-22 23:49
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Summary0001218: Ardour sometimes messages up editor view, and scroll bar way too big
DescriptionBest explained by the screenshot, but notice:

1. no time interval lines drawn
2. huge scrollbar scope - can scroll along to about 25 hours
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2006-04-01 15:50


ardour-no-time-markers.png (77,129 bytes)   
ardour-no-time-markers.png (77,129 bytes)   


2006-04-01 15:57

reporter   ~0002485

1. Title should read "Ardour sometimes messes up editor view, and scroll bar way too big"

2. A strange but related problem: on zooming out, scrollbar readjusts scope, but too small - to about half the real length of the session! If persistent with fiddling with zooming, a more managable scope is set, but it's very trial and error.

2007-09-22 23:48


ardour2_bug.jpg (229,001 bytes)   
ardour2_bug.jpg (229,001 bytes)   


2007-09-22 23:49

reporter   ~0004389

When zooming out and in *WITH CTRL+MOUSE WEEL* instead of the buttons, the scroll bar dowsn't recover it's original size, and stands too small.

Pressing [all session view] button don't make the scroll bar recover it's original size, just restarting Ardour2 -----> SEE SCREENSHOT !!

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