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0000121ardourbugspublic2011-11-15 17:27
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Summary0000121: cursor should change when in object mode and in an object
Descriptionenter/leave handlers should switch cursor to grabber when in
obejct mode and we enter a grabbable object
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2004-07-31 23:10

administrator   ~0001324

This has been implemented, right? The cursors change for me. But maybe that's something else.


2004-12-08 21:38

updater   ~0001688

It changes for somethings, but there is no distinction between the canvas background and a region f.i.
It stays a pointing-finger. Maybe it should be a grabbing hand when entering a region.
There are also a few places where it sometimes is just the generic error on the rulers i.s.o the range setting cursor.

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