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0001178ardourfeaturespublic2006-01-23 21:44
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Summary0001178: Feature request: Link creation of Edit / Mixgroups, of track / mixer strip order and visibility
DescriptionOne of my favourite showstoppers (in my own private show, that is): Work in the editor some time, reorder tracks to my needs, get used to that track order, hide/unhide tracks and edit grous I set up (basic levels I set in the Editor's mixer strip during this) and *then* I change over to the Mixer and start fiddling with wrong faders because in my mental model I keep expecting the strip order and Mixgroups to have followed that of the Editor. So then I always reorder strips to the exact same order as in the Editor, create Mixgroups with the exact same names and members. Is it only me?

What if there was a "Link" button that would, on creating a e.g. Editgroup, automatically have a Mixgroup created with the same name? On assigning members in one view do the same in the other view? On hiding and unhiding do the same to the other view? Could do no harm me thinks. I would be soo happy :)
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