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0001146ardourfeaturespublic2020-02-11 15:15
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Summary0001146: Bezier curves and extrapolation for automation lines.
Descriptionan idea from blender, incorporate bezier curves into automation lines, for ease of creating smooth gains / effects etc..
select a region, and give the option for extrapolation, to duplicate the lines across the entire area
(for effect changes across the entire track)
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related to 0003849 new Region gain line editing issues and bugs 



2005-11-04 23:52

reporter   ~0002373

Last edited: 2005-11-09 06:19

as an update to this, I think a better way to do things would be to create an automation curve engine, again, look at blender, which you can assign to any automatable object.

to have a quick look at what I mean

I just think this scheme would work well with ardour.
another thing to consider is how you can re-arrange the project how you see fit, with different views for documentation, plugins, timing, etc..

I would like it if you had a quick download of blender, and see if it gives you any ideas. As this is an open-source project, its good to pull ideas from other projects, which have faced the same problems.


2005-11-17 20:57

reporter   ~0002381

by extrapolation, I mean cyclic extrapolation, in other words, find a segment of the automation curve, and repeat across the entire track / region


2009-07-04 22:50

manager   ~0006270

Updating this for future versions of Ardour. Thanks.


2010-02-12 00:38

reporter   ~0007368

This would be a nice feature, even without the cyclic extrapolation.


2020-02-11 15:15

administrator   ~0020960

Exponential or log-scale are vastly more useful for control-parameters (Ardour 6 supports that by using a log or exp y-axis).

Bezier curves don't usually make sense for anything audio related, what could make sense are catmull–rom splines.
Then again in cases where it would make sense it'll usually happen inside a plugin. Only the plugin (DSP) knows how to interpolate and click-free smooth a given parameter.

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