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0001140ardourfeaturespublic2009-07-04 04:08
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Summary0001140: Select range from range markers
DescriptionThe following feature would be nice:
Function "select range" in the pop-up menu that appears when right-clicking a range marker. This would make it a lot easier to export a single range defined by range markers.
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2009-07-04 04:04

reporter   ~0006219

This feature is in Ardour2 2.8. When a Range Marker is displayed in the Range Marker timeline, it can be right clicked to bring up a context sensitive menu and the user is given an option to "Select Range." This causes the range to be highlighted (selected) and readied for export, or other actions. I believe this item is resolved.


2009-07-04 04:08

manager   ~0006220

Resolving issue out as it seems to have been developed in the interim. Post up if you have any questions.

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