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0000114ardourfeaturespublic2004-12-09 01:40
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Summary0000114: Autoplay feature [stopped/rolling]
DescriptionThe current autoplay feature basically works this way [when clicking somewhere on the timebar to move the playhead there]:

autoplay on:
if in stopped mode, the playback will start at the new position.

if in rolling mode, the playback will continue at the new position.

autoplay off:
in stopped mode: the playback will stay stopped and the playhead moved to the new position

in rolling mode: the playback will stop and the playhead is moved to the new position..

Why do i distinguish stopped and rolling mode here? Well, because i would find the following behaviour more logical [would work without "autoplay" toggle:

If in rolling mode, the playback will continue at the newly selected position

if in stopped mode, the playhead will just be moved to the new position without starting playback

I think there are cases where you want the current behaviour, so i would suggest making the autoplay feature a tristate selector [like combobox] with three possible modes:

1] Keep rolling state on manual position selection
2] Always start Playback at new position
3] Always stop Playback and move to new position

(2] and 3] are basically the choices of the current autoplay feature but named differently]
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2004-05-07 00:06

administrator   ~0000692

Has this been decided on?


2004-12-08 21:34

updater   ~0001687

You can now get both kinds of behaviour
clicking on the ruler has the behaviour described above
using the p short cut with autoplay off keeps the current transport state when you reposition.
So I guess this is now a documentation issue


2004-12-09 01:40

reporter   ~0001696

Hmm, no, i would rather call it a bug of the current implementation. This should be consistent across both methods of selecting a new playhead position. Imagine you need the one behavior on the method which has the other behaviour..

no, either correctly implement the current autoplay feature or change it to my suggestion and implement that correctly ;)

Maybe someone has a third suggestion though.

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