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0001132ardourfeaturespublic2009-07-04 22:39
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Summary0001132: TimeFX tool should have a parametric mode
DescriptionIt would be nice if the TimeFX tool had a parametric mode.

I made a simple mockup, see attachment.

Perhaps this will only be considered after the stretching/manipulation library is more precise, but I guess a reminder bug couldn't hurt :)
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2005-10-24 15:50


timefx_parametric_mockup.png (3,259 bytes)   
timefx_parametric_mockup.png (3,259 bytes)   


2009-07-04 22:39

manager   ~0006266

peppot I didn't really understand completely what you were looking for, but the timefx tool has been overhauled in 2.0 since this was filed, did this address the issue for you at all?

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