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0001127ardourbugspublic2009-07-04 22:08
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Summary0001127: Mouse wheel zoom centering bug

When zooming out the mouse wheel zoom can frequently lose its center on the cursor properties. When zooming back in, it is no longer zoomed centered to the cursor.


Infuriating. Can add enormous time required to pull off a task, over a whole project, you could easily be talking about tripling the time involved, especially if heavy editing is required.
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2009-07-04 22:08

manager   ~0006261

This shouldn't really be an issue anymore, primarily because the way that ardour's zoom model works a bit different. It will center on whatever the zoom point is(mouse, playhead, whatever) and expand or shrink the view to zoom in and out. It centers correctly on this, but does not center the edit point in the view.

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