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0001101ardourbugspublic2010-05-01 20:17
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Summary0001101: Crossfading between two mono regions in a stereo tracks outputs to both channels
DescriptionI have two mono regions overlapping in a stereo track, so that sound comes out of the L speaker only, but if I unmute a full crossfade, I also get sound in the R channel during the crossfade.

Speaking of crossfades, there a tiny bug in the crossfade editor: when the editor window is opened, one can only edit the fade-in, yet there is a fade-out control point displayed at the bottom right. One can take it and move it (without affecting the fade-ou curve).
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2010-05-01 20:17

administrator   ~0007708

The crossfade editor buglet is present in current 2.0. I can't reproduce the R-channel sound during crossfade. Is this still an issue?

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