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0001083ardourbugspublic2009-07-05 03:44
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Summary0001083: Recording new track often fails and/or producers quirky results
DescriptionBeta30, existing session.

Track is armed, everything appears to be working, the previous take just worked and then suddenly hitting record does nothing but draw a an empty pink-box where the waveform would otherwise be updated. (screenshot attached)

Other quirky results - when selecting punch-in, pink box will draw at punch-in marker, but the actual waveform will draw at the 0 measure/bar. Fortuately pressing stop here and the new material aligns correctly.

Appears to be random. Have not begun a new session yet but plan to do so shortly, will update progress in additional information.

48k, 16bit sample rate.
previously recorded using beta29-cvs CCRMA.
Fedora 4 using a modified stock kernal but using Ardour beta30 built with scons. Some pieces of system are CCRMA but JACK is cvs.

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2005-09-14 06:25


Screenshot.png (84,867 bytes)   
Screenshot.png (84,867 bytes)   


2009-06-11 12:02

administrator   ~0006085

Hello. Are you still having problems?


2009-07-05 03:44

manager   ~0006304

Resolving out as it has bee several weeks without feedback and these problems are believed to have been long since resolved.

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