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Summary0001052: Listening while exporting
DescriptionToday I started to remaster some old LP's from my brother, a job ardour (together with jamin) is really cool for.

While exporting the tracks for CD-audio I had the wish to listen to it one more time, so I asked myself: Why is there no option to do the export in realtime and listen to it?

I know this "faster than realtime"-thing is great, but it gives me only 1.5 the speed and I can't really use the pc for other things in that time. So it would be great to listen to music at least. :-)
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2005-09-08 20:31

administrator   ~0002316

You can do this but in a different way. Instead of using Session -> Export,
simply re-record the entire session output (e.g. from teh master outs if you use them) to a new track (stereo, presumably). then context-click on the track and use <region-name>->Export. you will hear what you are recording to a new disk file, and then when satisfied, you can produce a regular 16 bit WAV file.


2009-07-04 04:21

manager   ~0006226

Resolving as no change was realy required and it has been years with no feedback.

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