0007070: [bugs] Automation controls set to "Play" mark session dirty at transport stop (paul)
0007343: [bugs] Crash when removing track in nightly build 5.8.673 (timbyr)
0007352: [bugs] Project is unable to actually get saved. (timbyr)
0007223: [bugs] Track/bus group colour not preserved in sessions created from a template (timbyr)
0007327: [bugs] Changing Track order in GUI modifies order of XML nodes in Session file (timbyr)
0007274: [bugs] Loading Session with selected regions can take a really long time (timbyr)
0007304: [bugs] Crash when dragging playhead or mouse in ruler area (timbyr)
0007278: [bugs] Unable to use Edit -> Crop with edit point set to mouse (timbyr)
0007271: [bugs] Able to create MIDI regions with no length (timbyr)
0006680: [bugs] End point of MIDI regions changes when tempo is altered. (timbyr)
0007265: [bugs] Drawing notes vertically at the same quantize point in percussive note mode doesn't work as expected (timbyr)
0007134: [features] Percussive MIDI Notes added by Draw Mode/Pencil Tool in single drag/operation should be a single Undo/Redo step (timbyr)
0007263: [bugs] Keep all new notes selected when creating notes in percussive mode (timbyr)
0007235: [bugs] Crash when hiding the Master track in the editor (timbyr)
0007015: [bugs] crash when unselecting while region trimming (timbyr)
0007242: [bugs] (5.6) Region doesn't keep timing when using MiddleMouseButtonDrag to change track (timbyr)
0007234: [bugs] A5.6: midi region weirdness (nmains)
0007246: [bugs] No Undo for Region > Position > Snap position to grid (timbyr)
0007213: [bugs] Grouped tracks don't change meter point on rec-enable toggle (paul)
0007217: [bugs] Range & Tempo marker drags don't set session dirty (colinf)
0006496: [bugs] Segfault on creating a track by moving a region when JACK connection limit is reached (timbyr)
0006270: [bugs] Inputting midi notes after tempo change results in wrong note duration (timbyr)
0007149: [bugs] Duplicating tracks and selecting any option (copy, new empty or share) = only the currently active playlist being reproduced. (timbyr)
0007155: [bugs] Bug: unable to load "Blueberry Milk" and "Clear Gray" themes (timbyr)
0006753: [bugs] Crash when ending recording in non-layered track (timbyr)
0007141: [bugs] 2 playlists are created on the new track when duplicating a track that has only 1 playlist using "Create new (empty) playlists" (timbyr)
0007146: [bugs] In playlist menu "New..." and "New copy..." actions are reversed (timbyr)
0007130: [bugs] Incorrect ghost note displayed in percussive note mode (nmains)
0007002: [bugs] Preferances remains blanck and doesn;t show any entries (timbyr)
0007131: [bugs] Snap/Quantize point is incorrect in when creating notes in percussive note mode (nmains)
0007126: [bugs] MIDI notes not always created with draw tool when and where expected (nmains)
0006793: [bugs] After Tempo Change MIDI Notes drift when moving or resizing region (timbyr)
0007010: [features] Color customization: to divide the item "gtk_bright_indicator" (paul)
0007110: [bugs] Session with selected midi notes in 5.4.320 crashes when opened with 5.4 (nmains)
0005753: [bugs] Keyboard input breaks group behavior (timbyr)
0007076: [bugs] Crash when loading Session with nightly build 5.4.154 but not with nightly build 5.4.134 (timbyr)
0007053: [bugs] Order of Playlist XML nodes changes at first Session save (timbyr)
0007025: [bugs] The "id" property of some Controllable xml nodes is changed at first Session save (timbyr)
0006774: [bugs] Opening Session and moving start or end range/location markers and closing Session does not ask to save session (timbyr)
0007336: [bugs] Track monitoring state not restored from older Sessions (4.7) (timbyr)
0004930: [features] Make bar-lines thicker, or distinguish adjacent bars more obviously (BenLoftis)
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