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0007360ardourbugspublic2017-05-15 14:052017-05-29 15:14
Assigned Toovenwerks 
PlatformLinuxOSArchLinuxOS Version
Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007360: OSC fader automation not working for touch mode
DescriptionBug discovered in the new 5.9 version, the first one providing automation through OSC.
When a track is set to Touch automation mode Ardour doesn't accept any incoming message to control the fader and overwrite the automation curve. The purpose of touch mode should be to override a part of an automation curve as long the fader is touched. The current implementation doesn't allow to modify the fader position.
Steps To ReproduceIt can be easily reproduced using the oscsend and oscdump commands:
1. Start a terminal and open a oscdump session: oscdump 8000
2. Start Ardour and configure the OSC surface properly.
3. Start a second terminal and send the osc setup message:
    oscsend localhost 3819 /set_surface iiii 0 159 3 1
4. Then test that ardour faders are capturing fader osc messages, for example:
    oscsend localhost 3819 /strip/fader if 1 0.5
5. Set a fader to touch mode and play an automation curve.
6. test again to set fader valu to overwrite the automation curve, for example:
    oscsend localhost 3819 /strip/fader if 1 0.2

The result, ardour faders don't modify the automation curve
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ovenwerks (reporter)
2017-05-15 15:29

/strip/fader/touch has yet to be added. It is coming though.
ovenwerks (reporter)
2017-05-16 07:07

commit f2aac0bca adds /strip/fader/touch, /strip/gain/touch, /select/fader/touch and /select/gain/touch. I can not think of any reason to add feedback for touch.
sapista (reporter)
2017-05-22 13:52

Just testing this feature and I'm not able to control the touch mode using the given commands in ardour 5.9.13 (downloaded today from nightly). I've been trying:
/strip/gain/touch i strip_ssid
/strip/gain/touch if strip_ssid 0 or 1 to enable or disable the touch for a given channel

Ardour log response is always "Unhandled OSC message"

Please can you provide more details about the osc touch messages?
ovenwerks (reporter)
2017-05-22 14:21

Try /strip/gain/touch ii ssid touch
or /strip/gain/touch/<ssid> i touch
where touch is 1 for start touch and 0 for end touch.
sapista (reporter)
2017-05-24 13:34

Still not working here using the last nightly build (5.9.2)
OSC fader automation is working perfectly in all modes except the touch message. Ardour log reports the following line:
[INFO]: Unhandled OSC message: /strip/gain/touch i:1 i:1

The same tested for fader mode instead of gain mode produces the same results:
[INFO]: Unhandled OSC message: /strip/fader/touch i:1 i:1

I'm missing some configuration or something?
ovenwerks (reporter)
2017-05-24 14:03

commit 1e95ccf fixes this. touch was working, but the logger was wrongly showing "Unhandled" even though the message had been handled correctly.
sapista (reporter)
2017-05-29 15:14

Tested today using Ardour 5.9-41 from nightly and still having the "unhandled" message for touch osc messages. Moreover, I think that the touch mode is still not working correctly.

When you draw a fader automation curve (for example using write mode) then this curve is reproduced properly under touch mode and an OSC controlled fader. However, when fader is touched (/strip/fader/touch ssid 1 send) to modify the automation curve it only works for a while. In my opinion, the expected behavior should be:
1- A fader automation curve is being played in touch mode.
2- The sound engineer realizes that the fader must be changed for a passage, so he touches the fader.
3- The /strip/fader/touch message is send to alert Ardour that a fader is being touched.
4- The sound engineer moves the fader in order to overwrite a part of automation curve while the fader is being touched. Here many /strip/fader messages are send to Ardour with new fader position values.
5- The sound engineer released the fader and the /strip/fader/touch ssid 0 message is send, so Ardour keeps playing the previously recorded automation curve.

What is actually happening: Steps 1 to 4 are working fine, but after a few seconds Ardour starts to play back the previous automation curve long time before than receiving the /strip/fader/touch ssid 0 message. I'm missing something? Should I send a "/strip/fader/touch ssid 1" message before every "/strip/fader ssid value"? This make no sense to me because, when a fader is touch, it is touched for a while, a song passage, the chorus part or whatever.

Please, can this be checked? Or in case I'm wrong, can you explain me how the touch mode is supposed to works? Thank you so much.

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