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0007194ardourfeaturespublic2017-01-01 12:262017-01-05 08:41
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Summary0007194: Convert between 4 and 3 division based meters
DescriptionI've noticed that a song I'm working on actually better suits a 6/8 meter than a 8/8 that I have.

When I set the 6/8 meter - the measures are shorter, and I would need to change the tempo to actually get the same measures "stretched" to fit the new 6/8 meter.

What it does is it cuts of 2 beats from every measure.

What I'd like to do is to make every measure start and end in the same place, but to be divided differently - instead of 8 divisions, I want 6, which will give a 3-based pulsation that'll suit the music better and make it easier to edit and play along to click.

It looks like I could get (roughly) what I want if I changed from 8/8 55 BPM to 6/8 73.(3) BPM.

The problem is, once I change the BPM - the MIDI data is shuffled around (while audio stays in place) destroying the sync.

Could there be a way to make the bars divide differently instead of becoming longer or shorter, as I change the meter?
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nick_m (reporter)
2017-01-02 03:13

commit cee85c34b225584 introduced a preference so that you can define the pulse
in terms of note divisions other than a quarter note when editing a tempo.
in other words, you can now define a tempo in terms of one third of a whole note,
which is i think what you want.
x42 (administrator)
2017-01-02 09:06

That's 5.5-309-gcee85c34b (still unreleased)
unfa (reporter)
2017-01-04 00:19

I'm not sure if it'll solve my problem.
That'd solve the small tempo change rounding error of 73.33 != 73.(3).

The big trouble is the fact that Ardour moves the MIDI data around when I change tempo (which is quite understandable - it thinks I want to speed things up). What I want is the old MIDI data to stay in place, reinterpreted to fit the new tempo and meter.

I think there is a need for a separate procedure to change the meter of the song, reinterpreting the existing data to make sure bars stay where they were, only changing their internal structure.
nick_m (reporter)
2017-01-05 08:41

if you change the meter, it won't (or shouldn't) move the midi data, but i get
your point.
i suppose i'd approach it from the side of 'get the rate correct' and then
'divide the rate into the correct measures'.
..but what you mentioned is worth thinking about.

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