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0003088ardourbugspublic2010-04-24 07:212010-10-19 05:50
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Product Version2.8 
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Summary0003088: peak file cannot be found (proposed backport of 3.0 bugfix)
Description<floholl> Every now and then I get the following error message when adding a region to the timeline which I have imported just before:

[ERROR]: AudioSource: cannot open peakpath (b) "/my/path/2009-10-21_1116-1216%B.peak" (No such file or directory)

Any ideas?

<las> floholl: did you build ardour from source?

<floholl> las: No, Debian rep

<las> floholl: hmm. that's not good.

<las> floholl: which version does it claim to be?

<floholl> las: I like how you say that.:) 2.8.6, built from rev 6550

<las> floholl: and presumably /my/path is something like /foo/bar/session/...../peaks/.... ?

<floholl> las: Also, I should mention that it's a FLAC file

<las> floholl: i think this is a known bug that has been fixed in 3.0. we should probably back-port the fix.

<floholl> las: Sorry, forgot about that. Yes it is. *Except* that the directory which hosts the ardour session is named differently than the ardour session itself, thereby overriding the default behaviour of ardour
Tagsfixed in A3
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nettings (manager)
2010-10-19 05:50

this one bites quite nastily when dealing with extremely huge sessions (10 hours recording time, 56 channels, basically a festival dump from a digico sd8 madi-out). loading takes more than an hour, because ardour keeps regenerating perfectly good peakfiles. and there is unnecessary strain on the disks. if this issue is understood in a3 and a backport is feasible, i'd very much welcome one.

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