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0007699ardourbugspublic2018-12-05 00:532018-12-05 08:41
LinuxUbuntuKDE Neon 18.04
0007699: Ardour stops responding on archive export
Consistently, when I attempt to export an archive, Ardour eventually stops responding and has to be closed forcibly.
I believe it has to do with "ambiguous" file locations or missing files, as every time I open the project, it tells me the same file is in two locations and asks me to choose. When I removed this ambiguity, by removing ambiguous files and alo cleaning up unused sources, it didn't happen anymore. Now I have ambiguous file locations again, and the bug is happening again. However, this could be a coincidence.
1) Open Project
2) Ardour asks how to deal with ambiguous file locations. Press "okay" through these dialogue boxes until the project opens.
3) Ardour asks how to deal with missing files. Tell Ardour to ignore missing files.
4) Go to file / archive.
5) Use default settings.
6) Ardour begins the archive process but becomes unresponsive.
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In a quick test, the symptoms here are a bit different here (Ardour has 100% CPU load, archiving can be canceled and Ardour only becomes unresponsive at exit)
2018-12-05 08:41   
Fixed in Ardour 6.0-pre0-1351-gc2652437d