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0007696ardourbugspublic2018-11-30 09:192018-11-30 09:19
0007696: Tracks get randomly disconnected from the Master Bus if JACK server is stopped during Ardour operation
Sometimes I need to restart the JACK server while I'm working, or something kills it accidentally.

In such a case - some tracks that have been set to output to the Master Bus get disconnected (their output routing is set to nothing).

What's weird is - some tracks are disconnected, some are not.

After this happens I need to manually restore the connections, or reload my session if I have saved it before the JACK server was stopped.

I also have to re-assign the Master bus's outputs to "system", but that's trivial.

A good thing is that I can check - if a track outputs to nothing, I know it should output to Master. Still - I need to cycle through all of the tracks to make sure the session is in order, and when there's 50 of them it's taking a good while.
1. Load a session with a lot of tracks outputting to the Master bus, and other buses as well
2. Kill the JACK server while Ardour is running
3. Inspect the output routing of your tracks and buses
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