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0007325: Importing an audio file with "Copy to Session" checked causes crash
Importing an audio file with "Copy to Session" checked causes crash.
Import the same file but uncheck that box and AOK

Also tested rev 5.8-311-g272e02b Intel 64-bit, same result.
1. Open import dialog
2. Leave "Copy files to session" checked
3. Import
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2017-04-22 23:03   
I can't reproduce with 5.8 or with a nightly build of 5.8.562

Are you testing with the official builds or is this a self build?

Is this reproducible with all audio files?

Is it specific to a particular Session or set of import options?

If it is still reproducible with a recent nightly build can you please provide some more information. Thanks.
2017-04-23 01:35   
Fresh install of OS + Ardour 5.8.562 fixed the issue described.

Drag N Drop onto canvas/tracks now doesn't work (No crash, however). Should I open a new ticket for that or keep this open?

2017-04-23 02:31   
We always like to have separate reports for separate/unrelated issues.

If Drag N Drop onto the canvas is not working for you please create a new report. I just did a quick check with nightly build 5.8.562 and Drag N Drop is working for me, so please include information about your environment/OS and the exact steps you are performing etc. Thanks.
2017-04-23 02:34   
See above, issue no longer reproducible by reporter in 5.8.562 nightly build.