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0007283ardourbugspublic2017-03-08 20:012017-03-11 03:23
0007283: Undo of Fade range operation does not undo change to fade in first region/s
Tested with build of 5.8.76, video of behaviour attached.

It is hard to describe what is going on here or if the current behaviour is intended which is why I've attached a video.

If a range selection covers the end of the first region and the start and end positions of the second region in a Fade Range operation then undo will only remove the fades that were created/modified for the second region.

Expected behaviour:

All fades that were created are restored to original positions by undo.
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? Ardour-5.8.76-fade-range-overlap-undo.webm (362,802) 2017-03-08 20:01
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2017-03-10 06:12   
the undo part should be fixed by commit b3ef0a9e8d4a
2017-03-11 03:23   
I can confirm this issue is now fixed. Tested with a build of 5.8.116(fd9330f591).